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To move forward, companies need leaders with unique profiles

To move forward, companies need leaders with unique profiles

We have made this our profession.

Différents vraiment

Our raison d’être: to breathe new life into companies to help them move forward faster than the changes that surround them

We select and develop these leaders capable of shaking up the formulas of the past and building a new system. Capable of unleashing the full potential of your business and your teams.

Le soutien à la réussite de la mission | Réseau 137

1. Pushing back the boundaries: our founding project

Muriel Bolteau, our founder, has been at the forefront for many years in her role as HR director of a large group and is in direct contact with the challenges facing companies. Changing the established order, connecting perspectives and worlds that are sometimes far apart, allowing people and companies to develop their full potential, in sync with the times, is something we are passionate about. This project founded the Réseau 137 adventure, an expert structure in generalist interim management.

Le soutien à la réussite de la mission | Réseau 137

2. The word Network (in French, Réseau) is an expression of our collaborative mindset

It reflects our spirit of partnership, our desire for co-construction, openness and fluidity. It is an echo of the community of executives and interim managers that we cultivate and a reference to the client companies with whom we build more than just commercial relationships.

Le soutien à la réussite de la mission | Réseau 137

3. Réseau 137: the home of interim management

137 is a nod to the address we have chosen, rue de l'Université. We like to make its symbolism our own: a place where knowledge evolves and is shared. A place of creativity, knowledge, openness and change.

As an independent firm, we benefit from the strength

of the Alixio Group and its 700 experts

Réseau - Plus qu'un mot

Alixio has been the leader in HR consulting in France for nearly 10 years. Since its creation, Alixio has assisted more than 500 clients in France and abroad in more than 15 countries, in all sectors of activity, from management support to implementation in the field with managers and employees. We work in synergy within the Group founded by Raymond Soubie, and benefit from its position as a recognised reference for CEOs and high-level political figures.

Alixio is a trusted partner that establishes a creative, caring and tailor-made working relationship to make the human and social dimension a source of sustainable value creation.

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